REGINA VIARUM, S.L., collects, processes and stores personal information through its website

This information is about the users of the website. The information will be collected, processed and stored according to the current privacy policy, updated in February 2019.

Legally responsible

Business name: REGINA VIARUM

Corporate name: REGINA VIARUM, S.L.

Tax Identification Number: B36361368

Address: Carretera Puxeiros a Peinador, 51 – C.P.: 36416 Mos (Pontevedra, Spain)


Applicable legislation

  • RGPD (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from European Parliament and Council, April 27th 2016 on the protection of individuals)
  • Organic Law 3/2018, December 5th on Personal Data Protection and warranties of digital rights.
  • LSSI (Law 34/2012, July 11th,  Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce)

Collected data

Only necessary data will be collected to proceed with the normal activity of the service. In compliance with the principle of data minimization.

The collected data will be from people older than 16 years of age (Art. 8.1. RGPD). REGINA VIARUM, S.L. reserves the right to take suitable measures to check the veracity of the users age. In all events these data will be personal information for identification and no sensitive data:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Name and last name
  • Address

Collection Methods

Personal data is obtained through the website REGINA VIARUM, S.L. (, when you enter information in one of the fields for that purpose. These fields are correctly indicated and they are not going to be collected until you give your consent to this privacy policy.

Objective of the collection and data usage

The collection and usage of the data is done with the only objective that you can request information or reach our company.

REGINA VIARUM, S.L is committed to not use data with a different purpose.

Data recipient

The data collected will be incorporated into a file owned by REGINA VIARUM, S.L. which will be managed and stored by the company.

Data conservation period

Data will be stored until the objective is achieved, maximum 10 years or until the right of cancellation or modification is exercised. As long as it does not conflict with the necessity to store the data for legal or tax purposes.

How we protect your data?

Your data is transferred and securely stored as we have:

SSL encryption of data
Firewall server level
Security protocols to prevent unauthorised access
Access control
Encrypted storage

Besides, REGINA VIARUM, S.L. is committed to keep the confidentiality of the data and shall not communicate or allow access to unauthorised third parties.

Your rights according to data protection

The legislation recognises, as user who have transferred personal data, the right to access personal data, to correct or cancel, to object to the processing, to the data portability and the processing limitation.

You may exercise any of these rights via email sent to or sent a letter to REGINA VIARUM, S.L. Carretera Puxeiros a Peinador, 51 – C.P: 36416 Mos (Pontevedra, España) stating the rights you want to exercise and a copy of your ID card.

You will receive a reply within a maximum of 30 working days.

Legal grounds for processing of personal data

The legal grounds for processing personal data is the explicit acceptance of the processing, managing and storage of the data itself according to the current privacy policy.

Consequences of not accepting the privacy policy

If you, as a user, refuse to accept the management of your personal data according to the current privacy policy, the collection of these data will not be made. And this means the service provided by REGINA VIARUM, S.L. will no longer take place.

Data protection authority in Spain

If you want to fully assert your rights related to personal data protection and consider that we are not respecting them you can reach the data protection control Authority.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

REGINA VIARUM, S.L. reserves the right to change the current Privacy Policy, these changes will be made in compliance with the legislation and jurisprudence and will be reflected in the current Privacy Policy.


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