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Grape harvest days

A different start to autumn
with our grape harvest days
26/09 & 03/10

What does it consist of?

We will start with a glass of wine and a grape harvest workshop with the owner of the winery. We will show you how our technicians decide the best time to pick the grapes, we will teach you how to harvest and if you are brave enough, you can try the experience of being a “carreteiro”.

We will show you how our wines are made from the first steps and we will continue with a traditional grape treading. After this, we will go to the winery and you will learn the secrets of how our wines are made, where you will also be able to taste our must.

We will finish on our spectacular terrace where we will taste 3 of our wines accompanied by a light aperitif.

Don’t forget that on the 25th and 26th of September, we will have some very special guests in the cellar, the Roman legionaries of Cohors III Lucensium in their camp.

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