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Heroic viticulture

Those who work these lands fully understand the meaning
of words like sacrifice, adversity, and hard work.


of the Sil

Reserve of the "wine sphere".
Promise and passion.

To promote and safeguard our history, tradition, and native grape varieties is our promise. We cultivate authentic “islands of viticultural biodiversity” on slopes with a 45-degree angle. Many give up working these lands due to the high production costs, but we cannot. It is our passion.

Grape harvest days



Twenty centuries of knowledge.
A matter of faith.

Today Regina Viarum is much more than a wine, it is a symbol of pride in doing things well and the value of knowing how to wait for excellence. It is the result of the wisdom inherited from Roman plebeians, monks, and all those who believed and continue to believe in it.

S.I. Ribeira Sacra, the wine tasted by Roman emperors

“The wine-making tradition of Ribeira Sacra, regarded as the epicenter of wine production, dates back even before the Roman domination. Legend has it that its wines were sent to Rome to be tasted by the emperors and their high-ranking officials.

The wine amphorae were transported by carts to a seaport where they were loaded onto ships.”

Grape harvest days

15th century. Monasteries, great wine producers

Wine played and continues to play a fundamental role in Christian liturgy. This led the clergy to have permanent vineyards. According to historians, vineyards were planted at the same time as cathedrals and monasteries were built. All vineyard plantations in the Middle Ages belonged to religious orders.



Spectacle of risk.
Respect for the environment.

The development of machinery has contributed very little, since the steep slopes prevent mechanization of tasks in the vineyard, with the exception of some rails that are placed punctually to transport the grapes. Those who work this land understand perfectly the meaning of words like sacrifice, adversity, and hard work. If we had to summarize what we feel about this environment, it would be respect.